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Story of Black Buck Vetnai Ganjam 

Many years ago due to lack of rain, villagers were disabled to fertile the land and they had to depend on the other villages for their survival. One day, some of my family members, by losing their natural habitat, visited this beautiful grassland and chose this as their new habitat. And fortunately, that year, The God blessed and fixed a rendezvous point on the sky of Vetnai for the clouds. Rain… Rain and it was raining. Villagers were truly happy and looked at us as their God of Rain. They fertilized the grassland, turned that in to a good agricultural land and that was up to their satisfaction. We also found our own land. From that day, the villagers and we stay together peacefully, they protect us, they care about us and above all, they love us and so do we….The Black-Bucks. Vetnai  is a small village in Ganajm Dist near Berhampur town .Now Vetnai is famous world wide for presence of black bucks.